Beech Drops                          beech drops

Parasitic drops
Sucking the nutrients from
The roots of Beech trees

– RJ

Sassafras   Sassafras

Sassafras, poor shrub
Left thumb, Right thumb, Double thumbs
I’m sure it’s confused

– RJ


Orchid Leaf

The purple Color
Like his majesties’ soft cloak
Hidden from the world





A pool of bright light
Infiltrates crunchy brown leaves
Man affects nature


The Fall

Vacant towers stand
Looming among the others
Waiting for the fall



The young Maple, Oak, and Beech
They climb and they reach
For stars they can never see


Taxodium distichum bald cypress

glowing in sunset
deceptive desiduous
your evergreen’s burnt


sensitive fern

Onoclea sensibilis   

sensitive your name
who weeps at first sign of cold
death calls upon thee


October Night

Breathless October
Tree arms shiver under wind
Cold creeps slowly in.



Beauty Berry

Bold purple adorns
Simple bush, yet so much more
Clusters of color.




Zephyrs churn the mere
Ripe mud and vintage silver
A wistful perfume




Eight long, bristled legs
Hoisting a weighty burden
Marbled orange globe



Meal Time

Tufts of flying fur
A curved beak rips away flesh
Food chain in action


The underground stems of bloodroot secretes a red juice when cut.Bloodroot

When cut, it oozes
Seeping sticky red liquid
Portraying its name


The Web

A glint in the sun,
shows a link from tree to sky,
made by the spider.


A Cadydid

Crying from the trees,
its predators cannot see,
he is shaped like leaves.



Winter is coming
Cherry Laurel’s evergreen
Invading everywhere


The King

Box of darkness no more
The playing field is even
King Snake extends his reign


The Forgotten Forest

While the city sleeps
Trees in the forest whisper
Ancient voices echo



A great blue heron
Swiftly glides over Candler Lake
Death comes from above



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